Tuesday, 12 July 2011

From The Mists

Welcome to the Confederated Slates of Antarctica, My new log based in the Dystopian Wars universe.

My fleet has been growing in size rapidly, but my painting (As ever) has been slow to start.

This is my colour scheme which will be repeated across the fleet, White hull plates, wooden boardwalks, plenty of metallic steels, coppers and golds. Larger Ships will be decorated in a patriotic manner, as you will soon see on my current project.

The Airforce will be proudly painted in white with orange trimmings, with squadron leaders painted in bold orange all over, (Dukes of Hazard esque)

As of yet I haven't had a single game of Dystopian Wars, but as always, I'm looking to get a decently painted force on the table because for me, its all about the spectacle.

My intention is to build an impressive fleet of naval vessels, with a vast cloud of tiny fliers polluting the sky, buzzing between a few larger flying vessels such as airships, bombers and flying carriers.

Check back soon for some much (much much) larger vessels heading this way



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